Gary V is a genius. But I will only charge $5 for a keynote LOL

I was watching a video from featuring Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary V is basically the world’s expert on how doing what your passionate about (and working your ass off) will lead to success. He’s doing awesome in the wine industry with his show, Wine Library TV, and has inspired thousands of other people (including me) to bring passion, energy and focus to what they love. My goal is to become the Gary V of stunna shades and sunglasses.

In the video Gary V mentions that he charges at least $15k now for a keynote speech, which is awesome considering the value he brings. Since I’m not quite on Gary V’s level yet (ok I’m not anywhere NEAR his level!), I’d do a keynote for $5 (as long as you pay travel expenses and throw in a bunch of sunglasses for the audience), LOL.

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