Calling all Stunna Shades Fans and Brands

It’s 2009 so it’s time for something new here at Sunglasses Guy. One of the new things we’ll be doing is featuring more great stunna shades sunglasses here on our website. I want to here from you–YOU–what reviews and stuff you want to see here. What are the baddest, coolest stunna shades in the world? What are the worst ones? Who looks hottest in stunna shades? Be sure to leave comments here and let us know what you think.  You might even get rewarded with some exclusive coupons every so often.

We’d really like to feature individual models and brands on this site, in pictures and videos from time to time. So if you’re working with a brand or a store and want to get your product in front of thousands of eyeballs, get in touch with us here! All we ask is that you send us a pair whenever you want to get some free publicity, and the Sunglasses Guy will rock yo stunna shades like they’ve never been rocked before.

Here’s to a great 2009. Thanks for helping us become the biggest and awesomest stunna shades website in the world!

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