Freedom Ski & Snowboard Polarized Foam Padded Sunglasses

These Freedom Ski & Snowboard Polarized Sunglasses from G&G are pretty sweet! I’m going snowboarding next weekend and might have to try these out. These sunglasses have three things that all skiers and snowboarders should want in a pair of sunglasses. Soft padding, polarized lenses and a strap to keep them from falling off.

If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding, you know that sunglasses or goggles are essential. The glare from the sun off the white snow is super intense and sometime people can be pretty stupid with their ski poles in lift lines, so eye protection is a must. Many types of sunglasses aren’t practical for skiing, since they are not meant to stay on if you fall and they will often leave the bridge of your nose and tops of ears sore if you wear them for long periods of time. Goggles are often a good choice, but sometimes they can be too tight. And you might want something a little more fashionable.

But Sunglasses Guy, we’re going skiing, we don’t care about meeting girls/guys we want to impress. WRONG. You always care, whether you want to admit it or not.

These padded polarized sunglasses give you the best of both worlds - they look cool, but also give you the functionality you need to protect your eyes and be comfortable. Who says you can’t have form and function?

They come in black and brown. I prefer black since they probably match my ski jacket (dark grey) a little better, but both of them look good. As a bonus, they also float, so you can use them around water and not worry about losing them. And they’re only $18.99!! Go grab a pair now!

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