Friday’s Hot Stunna Shades Girl - Cynthia Rodriguez

Dear A-Rod,

You are one of the most naturally gifted baseball playes to ever play the game. When we found out about the steroids, we were disappointed. Sure, we will still watch you play and marvel and your sweet swing and sound your bat makes when you crush each home run. But did you really need the juice??

Either way, we forgive you. It was a mistake made to improve your performance. Even if we don’t condone it, we can understand it.

But cheating on your hot wife, Cynthia with Madonna? Seriously. What were you thinking? This is the woman who ex-husband Guy Ritchie said it was like “cuddling up to a piece of gristle” when they made love. The juice we can forgive, but leaving a hot wife for a workout-obsessed crazy woman is not cool.

Cynthia, we hope you find someone who appreciates you. Keep on rockin the stunna shades, girl.

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