Friday’s Hot Stunna Shades Girl - Megan Fox

What up yall! It’s Friday and its time for the weekend — chillin/crunkness/shopping/SUPER BOWL!!! My money’s going on the Steelers. Can’t stop Fast Willy Parker and B Roth. Who do you think will win?

Enough about football. You probably don’t come here for that. You came here for the stunna shades girl, didn’t you? Good, here she is. Megan Fox is representin’ for us this week. She’s a little angry, yes, but still cute as a button on fire. What does that even mean? Not sure…

Have an awesome weekend! If you’re looking for stunna shades, these G&G Retro Rock Star Turbo Aviator Sunglasses are selling like hotcakes right now. And they’re pretty cheap, too–less than $15. Go get em from

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