Hottest Girls Wearing Stunna Shades

In my humble opinion, stunna shades are the sexiest accessory that a girl can wear. A good pair of stunna shades can have a huge effect on how attractive a woman is. While we usually do a weekly post on Friday that features a sexy stunna shades girl, this time we wanted to take things to a new level. Stunna shades should be mentioned in the same breath as legendary items like Cupid’s arrow and Jason’s golden fleece. Thus, the girls who wear these “sunglasses of the gods” should be forever immortalized. See below for our list of the hottest girls in stunna shades (in no particular order).

Adriana Lima - one of the hottest girls around now

Obama Girl - aka Amber Lee Ettinger

Jessica Simpson - wearing Gucci sunglasses

Halle Berry - pregnant and still looking hot

Anna Nicole Smith - RIP

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashain wearing stunna shades

Christina Aguilera - the sexy is back after being preggers

Natalie Pinkman

Katherine Akra - from this video

Kristin Cavallari

Mariah Carey - wearing Christian Dior sunglasses

Giada De Laurentiis - from Food Network’s Everyday Italian and Giada’s Weekend Getaways

Angelina Jolie - wearing DG Stunna Shades

Jennifer Lopez - wearing DVB sunglasses

Jennifer Lopez wearing DVB sunglasses

Ashley Dupre - Eliot Spitzer’s girl

Kari Byron - these might not be stunna shades but we’ll give this Mythbusters girl the benefit of the doubt.

Kari Byron in sunglasses

What do you think of this list? I’m sure I missed some, so tell me who…

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