Kanye West Stonger Shutter Shades - 6 Pack

You know those crazy shades Kanye West was rocking in his video for “Stronger” (see below)?

**I would embed this but stupid Universal Music Group doesn’t understand the true power of letting fans promote and share music–it’s FREE promotion guys, can’t you see that!? Anyways…

Now you can get your hands and eyes on a 6 pack of these Kanye West Shutter Shades.

These things are gettin big like Kanye’s ego (well, probably not that big).

But Sunglasses Guy, they provide no protection from the sun, limit your vision, and look crazy!

Yep. And they will ROCK YOUR FACE OFF! People may laugh but if you rock these it shows you have the balls to wild out and have fun.

This six-pack is goin for $17.99 now at Amazon and you get White, Black, Pink, Red, Gold and Silver Shutter Shades. You won’t find a better price for these glasses, so pick up the sixer now and start rockin out!

Bonus - Here’s a pic of Kanye and his new chick, Amber Rose, courtesy of our friend mzsullivan.

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