Sunglasses in a meeting?

I’m about to roll to a meeting with some smart, nerdy people in a field that I work in. I haven’t really ever met anyone (besides emailing, Twitter, etc), so my slate is blank. People will probably be nervous, since that’s how things are when people don’t know each other. What’s the best way to get people to lighten up, laugh and talk (besides alcohol or other substances)?

Tip 1: Wear Stunna Shades to the meeting.

Tip 2: High Five everyone instead of shaking their hand

Tip 3: Do not remove stunna shades during the meeting.

Tip 4: When you speak just make sure you sound so smart that it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Tip 5: Get all the hot girls to join you for drinks after the meeting.

Sunglasses never made anyone president, but they sure can get you laid. Catch you fools later.

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